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Wednesday, 15 December 2010 16:33
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The most common hardware for vision systems is routinely used by students of both Degree levels.

Analog and digital cameras, both in CMOS and CCD technologies are available at the Lab. Students can learn and make experience on communication standards like Firewire, USB, Gigabit ethernet, and camera link. Suitable illumination devices, at various wavelenghts, both in continuous and switched modes have been recently purchased, to comply and understand the importance of illumination in vision system for inspection.

Suitable calibration masters are available for characterizing the systems under the metrological point of view. Both coherent and incoherent sources are available, in the form of laser and of LED stripes, and in combination with other structured light patterns. These are compared to understand pros and cons of the illumination sources with respect to the influence  of speckles and visibility of the patterns.

Powerful hardware for fast image acquisition and processing are available. Among these, the CVS and the EVS devices from NI Inc allow students to face with interesting elaboration problems, where time constraints are very critical.

A number of 3D vision systems are present in the lab. A numer of them have been developed over the years, in the frame of 3D Vision research projects. In addition, the VIVID 910 scanner (Konica Minolta) has been purchased, to perform the research activities dealing with crime scene analysis . This instrument is now available for both didactic and research works. The HDS3000 (Leica Inc.) long range scanner has also been used to acquire large scenes

Webcams, both in the visible and in the NIR ranges are currently under study, due to their very interesting performance/cost ratio.In addition, digital videocameras are used in photogrammetric experiments.

A numer of software tools are currently used by students. The LabView environment: it is a standard platform for the development of data acquisition systems, data loggers, and distributed system management. The motion and the vision modules allow students to develop their programs in acceptable times. Both vision and data collection are currently developed.

Recently, the Halcon library has been included in the software commonly used by students. It is of interest to compare it with the IMAQ library from the LabView platform. Both Visual C++,  VB and Mathlab are exploited to develop applications.

Finally, a number of commercial softwares are available for 3D applications. Among them, the most important are PolyWorks (InnovMetric Inc.), Reconstructor (Gexel srl), Iwitness, Australis, Photomodeler and Maya.

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